Tuesday, 17 January, 2012

Driving Simulator Training Ensures Stress Free Driving By Young Drivers

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Article Original Author: Isidore Dallas 

Driving simulator is an educational tool that simulates actual driving on a road under different traffic and road conditions. This simulation tool is used to teach learners how to drive vehicles and the rules for the road. You can work on the simulator before and during practice with an actual vehicle under real driving conditions. Depending on your requirements, you can operate the simulator to simulate driving car or a heavy vehicle or a car with a trailer.
The driving simulator takes you through a 3D map which is designed to include almost all roads and traffic conditions that you might encounter in real life. The 3D map would include:
• A highway
• City intersection
• A parking lot
• A dark tunnel
• Valley covered with fog
• Icy patches of road and rainy or snowy conditions
• A long winding road with falling obstacles
It would sound as though the driving simulator is a just another driving game, but it will alert the driver when a driving mistake is made - mistakes that could represent serious accidents in real life. When you are practicing with the simulator, your mistakes are logged and you have to get back to your starting point to see the mistakes you made and repeat the action till you muster the correct movement. The professional software can handle three monitors which prompt students to develop the habit of turning their heads- a vital safety requirement - to look for incoming traffic while starting a car from rest.
The driving simulator aims at safe and carefree driving for the young beginners. The beginner drivers can practice in a number of practices crucial for safe driving such as:
• Coming from a side road and taking a free way
• Reversing a car with or without a trailer set into a dock. This may involve a series of difficult maneuvers
• Overtaking a moving vehicle
• Completing a wide turn with convex mirror
• Using headlights appropriately
• Using turning signals
• Use of rear view mirrors at the right time
• Right use of the accelerator and the brake
Safe driving involves use of your judgment and fine tuning of your reaction. It also involves right use of the car equipment like the gear, steering, rear view mirror etc. The simulator helps you to develop these faculties and by repeated practice these get ingrained in you. To have these faculties developed the driving simulator lets you through a series of different situations you would encounter on a real road. These are:
• Interpreting road signs
• Taking action at the right time
• Understanding traffic lights and guiding your vehicles accordingly
• Reaching to road blocks, moving obstacles and taking decisions to avoid traffic
• Taking account of other motorists on the road and at intersections
• Precautions to be observed while overtaking a vehicle
• Maintaining a good driving speed and observing speed restrictions
• Maneuvering the vehicle on icy patches of road during a snow or rainfall
• Parking in a limited allowed space
• Turning and reversing using signals and rear- view mirror
• Driving, turning, and reversing with a trailer attached.

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